Reese Agri – Model 2400 – Drum Mower – SOLD!

For information on other items we have for sale please see our Blue Springs Bazaar booth at Bonanzle. Thanks for looking!


This is an older Reese Agri Model 2400 manual fold drum mower. Comes with one extra main belt, the PTO shaft and some extra cutting blades (used) and some bolts and pins. It’s missing the belt shields but they shouldn’t be hard to make. The rake tines need replacing. The pto shaft has an over run clutch built in. The 3-point hitch and primary drive pulley unit can be removed from the mower at the pivot point for easier loading, if necessary. This mower will need a larger truck, a trailer, or rollback to haul it.

The technical specs below are from the Reese Agri USA Dealer’s site and are for the one currently being manufactured, but it looks about the same as the one I have for sale.

Technical Specifications
Model: 2400
Cutting Width: 2.4 metres (8′.0″)
Number of Drums: 2
Number of Double Edged Blades : 8
Power Requirement (at 540 rpm): from 65 HP
Drum rpm: 1200
Tractor Linkage: Cat II
Height Adjustment: 25-100mm (1″-4″)
Weight: 580kg (1275 lbs)



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