Wood Splitting Saturday

Started off unloading the trailer and splitting the larger stuff as I took it off. Cat and a friend that is visiting hauled and stacked it after it was split. After that was done we came in and ate breakfast. Afterwards I went out and sharpened the chain and then added more to the sideboards on the trailer. Had 8 feet on each side and added another 4 feet at the back which took me to the slanted portion. Am gonna add sideboards onto that area too but not right now. Came in to get water and to request assistance with the loading in the woods. Got the water and we loaded up and headed out to get another load. I cut and then split the larger stuff into loadable sizes and they loaded it on the trailer. Got a bit more than we did yesterday, and after we got about 8 feet of the trailer filled came back, fixed and ate a late lunch. After lunch I went back out and started splitting this load. Got about 2/3s of the way done and mis hit a piece of cedar that bounced off my left leg just above the boot top, leaving a rather painful mark about 2 inches long and a quarter inch or better wide across the shin. Still feels quite loverly. Kept splitting the rest of the load while they hauled and stacked and got it all done prior to the rain hitting. Made a quick run to Wally World and then back home just after dark. Am about done in. Figure I have split as well as cut and split almost a full cord of wood today, and my arms and shoulders are telling me about it. Hoping the rain will quit fairly early tonight and will have about dried out by the morning as I would like to get another trailer load cut and split tomorrow. Till then (if I can still move…)… 😉


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One Response to “Wood Splitting Saturday”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Had an OK day. We did stuff around here until about 1-something, and then went to Wally World and got some things. Came back and got to work on painting the shelving while the son grilled supper. Got all the metal stuff painted black and ate supper. Watched some football and went to bed.

    This morning went to church and Sunday school, hit Dollar General for some stuff and came back home. Haven’t looked intensively at the metal we painted yesterday, but from what we have seen so far it looks like the one coat may do it. We’ll get out there later and check it out, and then dig up some plywood and cut some shelves. Have one piece ready to cut up, and more in the storage building, will just have to dig it out. Don’t think we’ll paint the shelves today, it’s just too cold for that to work reliably.

    Have a good day, and hope you feel OK!


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