Bits of this and that

Split some more wood today but still got some to do. Still too worn out from the overdone weekend to do much. Went to Wally World and Dollar Tree to get some food and other stuff, which we did. Then decided to see if the produce market up toward Jacksonville had some other things we needed. Got there and the sign said see you in the spring, so we went on to Sav-A-Lots and picked up a few things there. Some of the stuff was just too high so made a longer trip of it and went on to Alexandria to Food Land and got the rest of what we needed. Quite a bit of travel but still saved even factoring in the fuel. Came home and fixed a sorta Chinese stir fry for supper. Was quite tasty, and will be enough for at least one more meal. Been sitting at the laptop for part of the day and most of the night clearing files off, trying to free up enough space to install Ubuntu on so I can dual boot. Am about to the point of cleaning most of the music out of iTunes as that will clear out another 10 gb which is what I would like to free up. Managed to get nearly 30 gb free so far but am to the point of diminishing returns as the remaining files I can delete are all small except for the music files. Have got them on the backup drive so won’t be getting rid of anything, but won’t have them as accessible as I would like. Will get there one way or another.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring other than the beginnings of the cold temps. Got to get a few more things taken care of prior to the worst which they are forecasting to come Friday morning with temps in the colder valleys (which is here) to be between 5 and 10 degrees F. Not looking forward to that at all, but nothing can be done except bitch about it. Am gonna hit the sack here in a few so till tomorrow… 😉


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2 Responses to “Bits of this and that”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Yes, it has cooled off. And will get cooler. I have even been wearing long-sleeve shirts lately, which tells you something…

    Had a kind of disjointed day today–got pulled away from things I was trying to do all day, it seemed. Goes that way sometimes, I guess. Hopefully tomorrow will be better, but the tasks just seem to get more numerous and the Red Queen is winning the race. Just have to keep running…

    Stay warm! I’ll try to do the same…


  2. D.R. Says:

    Know it’s a few entires back, but wanted to say that Bill’s Yesterday Books has appeared in my nightmares once or twice– only I hadn’t realized.

    Man, I like to dig through stacks as much as the next guy, but that’s not treasure-hunting, that’s search & rescue.


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