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Has been a cold one and steadily getting colder. Down to 19.8 F here on the outskirts of Weaver and 23 F at the Oxford airport. Got the fire going pretty hard and holding at about 67 in here right now. Got an oilfilled electric going in the kitchen by the sink to try to keep the pipes from freezing. Will leave a trickle going in the sink and hope for the best. I got out earlier and added a layer of dirt over the plastic covering over the hole where the cutoff to the qhut is. Then added a couple of pieces of old plywood and piled leaves over all that. Again hoping for the best and fearing the worst. Put up plastic over 4 of the 5 south side windows in the trailer late this afternoon and added a piece of blue foam over the inside of the back door in the back room where the woodburner is for the night anyway. Spent most of the day and evening taking and processing pictures and doing write ups for E-Bay postings on our Bluesprings Bazaar site. Got pictures taken of several more things that are not up yet but hope to get them and a bunch more up there tomorrow. Tis slow going but I think I’m getting a bit faster with practice. Course I am getting the stuff put up on that site and then Cat is taking the text and picture links and putting the actual post up on E-Bay so we can get more pictures showing up on there and not have to pay their picture hosting fees to do it so is double the work in some ways. But it works and with the blog we get a bit of free advertising too so I guess it all comes out in the end. Well tis late and I need to poke the fire a bit and then hit the sack, so till tomorrow… 😉


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  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    I haven’t been out yet this morning (Friday), so I’m going to step out and see how it feels. Be right back…

    Feels cold, but not anything exceptional. Just cold. Bracing, as they say. You can tell the humidity is about -37%–it feels like the air just sucks water out of you. I’ll dress warmly (a long sleeve shirt) and carry a coat with me, but I don’t think it will be a big factor. Of course, I don’t work outside, either….

    Yesterday was an okay day. Got some more work done in the other lab, did a few things here and there, and went home about an hour early–I’ll take it from comp time or make it up this weekend. Got to a point where I could either start a big deal late in the day, or say the heck with it, and said the heck with it. Made a couple of stops on the way home and did some paper sorting at home, cooked/ate supper, and watched Gil Grissom’s last episode of CSI. (My one network TV vice….) We had the dogs in last night because of the cold, and they were pretty well-behaved. One slept with my daughter, and one slept with up. As far as I know, he just lay on the bed and slept, no problems at all. He is out checking things out right now, but will probably return after a while and warm up again. The other one went out with him but came back after taking care of business, and is laying down with the daughter again.

    Another day! Have a good one.


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