Another nothing much day

Not sure if its the weather or me or a cold or what but am just not able to get it going. Did get out and get some clay and bring it in and start setting some rocks on the wall around the back of the woodburner as a base to stack blocks and brick. Worked for a short while and then went to Wally World and Dollar General to get a couple of things we were out of. Came back, ate lunch and then I had to lay down for a while. Slept for a couple of hours and when I got up was quite out of it. Still kinda woozy around the edges.

Been fighting with the iBook for a couple of days now and this evening said to hell with it and wiped the hard drive and started over. Partitioned it so I can install Ubuntu or one of the other PPC compatible linux distros. Figure I’ll start with Ubuntu as I already have the install disk but been looking at some of the other ones too so will see when all the updates are done on the Mac OS X install. Will be interesting as I have never had a completely clean install on this machine. Always imported settings and such from previous machines/installs. Tried this time but for some reason it wouldn’t let me import them from the Firewire drive. May try again after all the updates install. Mainly want to get the old mail and such. No biggie if I can’t as I can always move folders over later. And even if I don’t do that I can always boot from the other drive if I need to find anything in the older stuff. Guess I should do that and just mail all the critical stuff to my Gmail account so I have the data where ever I am rather than locked up on the iBook. Looks like the first of I think 4 levels of updates is complete so am gonna get back to that. Till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Another nothing much day”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Yes, the good ole “install and update” routine! I know it too well…

    Still working on that laptop, can actually see the hard drive now, but can’t find the user data I need to save. I don’t know if that means it’s corrupt beyond redemption, I just don’t know where the hell it is, or Vista has some kind of mondo “protection” on it that keeps you from seeing it. I suspect corruption, but I have chkdsk running again and will try a different distro on it later to see what I can do. Nothing like bad RAM to screw up data on a hard drive–kinda like trying to listen/understand a really drunk person–things are just too distorted to deal with…

    Well, we are all home today. Don’t know just what we’ll do. Want to paint the shelves, but not at all sure it will get warm enough. Maybe just sand them down and see then. Hope you get to feeling better. I have had something bothering me too–nothing big time, but definite feelings of unease/tiredness at times lately. May just be the season–wintertime just makes humans feel blah…

    Have a good one!


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