Monday done

Though I have not done much. Did get some more pictures taken of some stuff to post on E-Bay. And got a few of them resized but none posted yet. Had some friends come over to get some firewood for their outdoor firepit and walked out to the back of the bamboo thicket to help them gather some up. Then Bill came out and helped and when John and co left Bill and I walked up a bit and looked at what all needed to be taken down that the Airsoft folks left. Soon as this cold snap passes I’m gonna get the big trailer out and load as much of the crap up as I can and move into storage piles up here so I can mow the pastures before the green stuff comes out this year.

Got Ubuntu installed on the iBook and all updates done, last night/this morning prior to going to bed somewhere after 2:30 am. And it seems to be running fine. Have been downloading the Debian testing DVD for the ppc via bit torrent since last night. Not sure if it’s the client I’m using or my ISP or what but something keeps stopping it and I have to quit the client and restart it to get it to resume the download. Has happened 3 times now. Got 4.2 of 4.4 gb of the file so far. Am thinking about installing it on the iBook and trying it too. May use Super Duper to copy the OS X install over to my backup drive and use that partition to install Debian on. Been thinking about it and at this point there isn’t really anything that I do that I need to have the Mac OS for. Guess I reinstalled it yesterday out of habit. Am much more comfortable with and find it easier to get things done with Ubuntu and other Linux distros than OS X now so it really makes more sense to devote the drive to them and move on.

About time to reload the woodburner so will close for the night. Till tomorrow… 😉


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2 Responses to “Monday done”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Leave OS X? Oh no!!! (Cue shot of Mr. Bill…) Gotta wonder what the difference is–a tool is a tool, and if you are more comfortable with the all-steel 28 oz hammer than with the 16 oz hammer with the inlaid handle, then by all means hammer away. OS X is a nice OS, Linux is also, Vist is….well, let’s just stop there. The best thing about Vista has to be for people who have never used a computer before, and don’t do much more than surf, e-mail, and print up a Word doc every now and then to try and sell some puppies. (The kittens they just return to the sea.) Far too much time/energy spent on “My OS is the best because…” discussions. Dude, if you want to write all your stuff in assembler and run it on a 386 with 8 MB of RAM, go at it. I thought that was the idea behind having different types of the same class of thing, so that folks could find what THEY like and use it….Oh, well, screw it, who wants pie?

    Had a nice relaxing day yesterday, none of the family went anywhere or did much of squat, and we enjoyed it so much it was sinful. Did have the inlaws drop by, but other than that and a visit from the daughter’s boyfriend we were pretty isolated. The son and I worked on the laptop and determined (after talking with the folks who own it) that apparently they had done enough of a restore (even with the bad RAM) to wipe out any of the data, so I just installed from their backup disks and ran the updates, and it is going through the “you don’t really need it but since you are doing it it will take forever” Vista defrag. Nice laptop, and it ran nicely from the Linux live CDs I tried on it. Made me want a laptop with a good battery–the one I have needs a battery that would cost about $150–I just hate to spend that much on hardware that old. Sure as the dickens I would get the battery and something else go “Sproing!” and that would be it…

    Well, gotta go pack up the wife’s lunch and get ready for work. Have a good day, and stay warm!


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    […] OS X? Oh no!!! By depatty Monday done « Technoprimitive 3 Leave OS X? Oh no!!! (Cue shot of Mr. Bill…) Gotta wonder what the difference is–a tool is a […]


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