Leave OS X? Oh no!!!

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Leave OS X? Oh no!!! (Cue shot of Mr. Bill…) Gotta wonder what the difference is–a tool is a tool, and if you are more comfortable with the all-steel 28 oz hammer than with the 16 oz hammer with the inlaid handle, then by all means hammer away. OS X is a nice OS, Linux is also, Vist is….well, let’s just stop there.

Got the above snip of a comment from Steve this morning about my previous entry concerning ditching Apples OS X, and started a reply to it that turned into a bit of a rant that deserves it’s own post so here it be…

Biggest difference (and what started me down the road to thinking about completely ditching OS X) is that I spent 6 to 8 HOURS just TRYING to get the new version of Gimp installed in OS X and never got it to work. I had originally installed it with Mac Ports a couple of years ago, so when I went to upgrade it there was the inevitable sequential vortex. For to upgrade Gimp I had to upgrade Mac Ports. Did that with no problem (or so I then thought). Then tried again. Ports came back with the info that several of the dependent programs had failed to install and so it couldn’t upgrade Gimp. Got to looking into that problem and had to update a bunch of the developer stuff from Apple Developer, so went and downloaded hours worth of stuff there and installed it. Tried again. Still the same thing. Uninstalled Mac Ports and uninstalled the stuff from Apple and reinstalled it in a different order and got further. Still no luck, though the failed updates were new and different, and it did get further before failing. It was at this point where I decided to wipe the hard drive, partition it and start over with a fresh OS X install and that way I could get Ubuntu installed too. As it turned out Ubuntu installed and updated in about half the time it took to get OS X installed and updated. And it took Ubuntu ONE update to get current where I had to sit here and run the Apple Software updated 5 times to get my older version of OS X to it’s current very out of date no more updates available point. And I still have to do all the other crap to try (and here I repeat TRY) to get Gimp to install. It’s already there and the latest version with Ubuntu, so why should I even screw with OS X at all. Sure there are nice things about the interface. And yes I have spent a LOT of money on programs to be able to do things with it. BUT there are free programs that are a EASY install away in Linux (of any flavor) that will do the same thing that I invested hard earned cash to be able to do in Apples oh so wonderful OS X. And that they expect me to shell out more $$$ to upgrade to the latest and greatest. I’m off that merry go round as of today. Not even gonna bother to back up the clean install I just finished of OS X, just gonna wipe it and install Debian on that partition and see how it works on the iBook. Then I’ll have a dual boot Linux only iBook G4. 😉


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One Response to “Leave OS X? Oh no!!!”

  1. Steve Says:

    Wow. Didn’t mean to throw any gas on any fires there…but I know what you mean about proprietary stuff. It can be a real pain in the wazoo. Of course, sometimes the free stuff is a pain, but while you may be out some time, at least you are not out time AND money. And the FOSS people are (nearly) always working to make it better/faster.

    Anyway, the hardware is yours to do with as you please. Isn’t that nice? Choice is nice….


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