Long day driving

Not that I ended up driving that far, just put 125 miles on the truck but I spent all day doing it. Had to go to Wally World first and get some stuff to carry down, then had to drop stuff off here before the trip down. Then headed that way. Stopped at the river and ate a picnic lunch by the water, which was kinda chilly with the breeze blowing in off the water the way it was. Then headed on to Calcis. Unloaded the stuff and carried it in. Cat stayed and I quickly removed myself to the yard, got my folding chair and book and after a quick trip to the woods for a tinkle by the creek, spent some quality time reading till the sun moved over the hill and put me in shadow, at which time I moved into the truck as the valley gets cool when the sun is not out. Cat finished up and we headed back this way. Got back and went on into Jacksonville to the Power Co and then made a trip to the Anniston Wally World and then back home and unloaded, built the fire back up after shoveling most of the ashes out, Cat fed the cats and I got to sit down at the computer. Spent a few minutes catching up on things and then heated supper. We ate and I got back on the computer and have spent the rest of the night trying to get vnc working between the two machines. Getting close I think. Am gonna call it a night and start again tomorrow with a fresh head and see if it looks any better then. So till then… 😉


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One Response to “Long day driving”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    It warms my heart to see someone who knows a TON more about Linux than I do (which is, upon reflection, nearly anyone who knows nearly anything about Linux) having trouble with VNC. That has been a stumbling block for me, VNC is just about essential for me to use Linux (or any other OS, as far as that goes) so that I can make changes on the fly from far away. I will keep plugging at it….

    Had a day of it. Went to the high school first and did some stuff, then went back to the other campus and did some things. Also got lunch and $200+ of medicine–it’s the first of the year, and we have to meet our deductibles. Did the usual this ‘n that at the elementary school. Then went to Gadsden for a doctor’s appointment and hit the credit union beforehand to deposit some money. Doctor’s report was good, had lost a little bit of weight and my A1C was much better. Must be doing something right occasionally, and the witches’ brew of medicines I’m taking must be doing something too. Came home and ate supper, watched a new CSI, and went to bed. Just another day in paradise..

    And so is today. Have a good one!


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