Friday done

And I’m about done in. Got out this morning and started taking the side angle off the big trailer to remove the flooring so I could replace the rotten stuff after stepping through it again last week. Got the angle all off and took the 2×6 rough cut oak decking off to check it all. Turned out that there were only 6 pieces on the entire floor that weren’t rotten somewhere or the other. Checked the piles of stuff I had brought up last week and there wasn’t near enough 6 inch or wider stuff to deck the 14 feet or so that need replacing. Take the ramps off as most of what I am doing around the farm here doesn’t need them and they are in the way for just hauling stuff around. Ends up being a bit of a pain as the bolts have been rusting for quite a number of years but with a long enough breaker bar and some oil end up getting them loose and out. Then end up having to use a big hammer to get the hinge pipes out. Bend a bit here and there but manage to finally get them out and moved out of the way. Bet they weight 200 + pounds each. Take a break and eat lunch then get the tractor out and hook up the trailer and head across the creek to the pile of lumber where the other wide stuff is stored. Get there and start looking for the wide boards and find that they are all on the bottom of the pile. Soooo, end up loading it ALL up and hauling it back this way. Come in and get some water and sit a bit, then back out and start unloading and sorting the boards. Work on it till about dark and have about a third of the trailer left to unload. Am about done in. Hands and arms are protesting the pace of the day. Hoping to get the unloading finished tomorrow and get the decking at least cut and ready to drill for the side angle retainer bolts to go back in. Would like to get the trailer done and ready to haul wood by Sunday but not gonna bet that it will get finished by then. Mainly due to having to clean the nails and such out of the wood prior to being able to use it. Will see. For now am gonna call it a night and see how the bod feels in the am. Till then… 😉


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  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Not as strenuous a day for me. Went to the workbuilding and did a couple of things there, and then went down to the new gym to see the PE people about something, and found out that one of the Ethernet ports was still dead. Not COMPLETELY dead, when you plug a computer into the line it shows a connection under the network window, and the lights at the NIC and on the switch in the workbuilding light up, and flash, even, but nothing goes through. The boss and I work with it a while and end up replacing the end in the workbuilding. Success! I then head out to the high school and do similar things with one of the lines in the lunchroom that connect one of the touchscreen computers that they use at lunch to the server/workstation in the back. It’s a REAL pain when it loses connection during lunch. After some troubleshooting (a continuation of about a week’s worth of such) I finally determine that the end on the Ethernet line is screwy. So, I replace it, sacrifice a small furry animal over it (just kidding, PETA–it was really a Sea Kitten), and go on to other things. The boss, meanwhile, had come along and unpacked the printer I was going to install, leaving me with just loading software and stuff. Printer installed fine, but when I went to link the printer to a couple of machines at the Central Office so those people could print to it when necessary, I could not make the CO machines see that machine no matter what I tried. They could ping it, I could control their machines with that machine, but it turned out that no machine I tried on that subnet could link up (other than pinging and VNC) to ANY machine on the high school subnet. After beating my head against the monitor for a while, I gave up and went ot lunch, dropping off a prescription at Wally World and getting a sandwich there. Back to work, where I swapped out a machine (which is going into the computer lab I am working on) with a new one. Then some work in the lab, and then back to Wally World for the meds and home. The wife was working on the shelves all day–painting the shelving–and after she got done with the final coat, we went over to her folks for the January Birthday Get-together. After I called Thursday night and told them we couldn’t afford to go to Trussville and buy $14.95 macaroni and cheese, in 15 minutes the game plan was revamped to BBQ at there house Friday evening. That we could handle. Had a good time, and the food was good too, if somewhat TOO hickory flavored. A hint of hickory is fine, it is possible to give the impression that one is eating somewhat softened hickory. This wasn’t there, but it was close. Good anyway. Came home and crashed.

    So, now we are getting going and will do the final assembly on Shelf No. 1, and then clean out the Craft/Computer room, and install and load the shelf. Going to start with one, and go from there. Should be a fun day, but a good day for it–rain and such, inside chores are a good thing to do. Hope you aren’t too sore from yesterday, there is always the Internet if you are.

    Have a good one!


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