Unplanned Saturday workday

Got a call this morning from the guy I’d down some forklift and charger work for a while back, and he needed some more stuff done. So after getting coffee and a bit to eat went that way. Got the new charger wired up, and then worked on the forklift and got it ready to sell. Took most of the day but managed to get a fair number of it’s little (and not so little) problems cleared up. Came home, then wnt back out to Wally World for a couple of things, then back here for the evening. Been reading stuff on the computer since eating. Really wanted to get the rest of the trailer unloaded but the arms and hands said no after the other work today so will try again tomorrow when/if I get to it. May try to get out and go to the flea markets on 431 in the morning. Depends on when we get up and how we feel at that time. Which ever, till tomorrow… 😉


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