Bits and pieces of Sunday

Worked on getting some more stuff added to the Bluesprings Bazaar E-Bay blog this morning. Fixed lunch and while doing so got a call from a guy wanting me to look at an air-conditioner. After eating I headed out and did so. Came to the conclusion that it was working as it should (however badly that was) and that it needed to be buckled up and called fixed. Talked a while and he gave me a piece of marble to use in the kitchen for rolling out pastry and tortillas and such. Came home, reloaded the firewood holder, then did a bit of browsing, and fixed and ate supper. Got back to the computer for a bit then did some reading. Am going to do a bit more reading after I finish this and then call it a night, so till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Bits and pieces of Sunday”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Meant to comment yesterday, and little things kept popping up…

    Saturday went well, the craft room looks much better, and the shelves are working great. Thanx! We got Cecil’s for supper Saturday and called it a day fairly early.

    Did Sunday school and church yesterday, then came home and had lunch, and made a Wal Mart list. Wife and daughter went to Wally World and I stayed here and read. They got back and we played some Scrabble and I finished my book, and we didn’t do a whole lot more yesterday. ‘Twas nice.

    Now I’m getting ready for work, and trying to get an old Claris Works document saved in rtf and off of the Starmax. It’s a lot of fun–the VNC doesn’t really like me and gives me all kinds of grief. Going to have to hook up the machine to a separate monitor and just go in and copy EVERYTHING off of it, I guess, and then figure out how to open it. Have a 16 GB USB stick now, that should hold everything OK, but boy will it take some time to copy at USB 1.1 speeds! Definitely will have to have something else going on at that time…

    Oh, well, have a good Monday!


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