Tired Monday

Have had a over tired day today. Got some more stuff put up on E-Bay this morning. Fixed some flounder for lunch and had it with rice and corn. Baked it in a sauce of Italian dressing and poultry seasoning. Quite tasty. Got out after lunch and finished unloading the lumber off the trailer. Was quite done in afterwards and came in and took a 2 hour nap. Got up and fixed a chicken stir fry with noodles for supper. Was enough left over for at least one if not two more meals. Been browsing for the evening. Fixing to go up and read a bit and then hit the sack. Till tomorrow… šŸ˜‰


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One Response to “Tired Monday”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Had a not-so-bad Monday. Went in and worked in the workbuilding most of the morning, just came out to swap a 17″ flatscreen monitor for a 17″ IBM CRT. Difference in weight and space required was striking. Moving CRT monitors classifies as aerobic exercise, if you ask me. Then went out to lunch with the superintendent and the rest of IT–all three of us–paid for by a visiting saleslady who of course told of us the latest and greatest stuff. Nice lady, nice lunch (Struts), not a bad time at all. After lunch went over to the high school and swapped a new computer for one that I will use in the lab I’m working on. Worked some in said lab afterwards, and found an app on the UBCD that I used to clone a disk. Couldn’t use Ghost because the floppy disk is bad on the machine (and I suspect that is the case with most of the machines I will be cloning this week) so it was nice to find one on CD. Took 18 minutes and 33 seconds (or 1113 seconds, as the app told me when it was done) to clone a 20 GB drive, which isn’t bad. I used another app on the UBCD one time to clone a 20 gb disk and it took several attempts/hours–though to be fair, the disk was full to the brim, and the computer was having problems entirely related to the fact that there was NO room at all left on the hard drive. Some stuff had corrupted when the user had just kept on trying to load stuff on it when there was no room. Finally got that one fixed, but it was interesting…anyway, came home and ate spaghetti and meat balls that the daughter had fixed. Worked on the mother-in-law’s computer some and watched most of the first episode of TrueBlood–a really crazy HBO series.

    Now it’s time to do the trash and get ready for work. Happy Happy Joy Joy! Have a good day…


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