Pieces and bits Tuesday

Got out this morning and after loading as much of the wider 2x material on the trailer went down and got the tractor, cranked it off and brought it up, hooked to the trailer and moved it back over to the work area. Got the tools and implements of destruction and started removing nails from the boards and then cutting them to length and putting them into place on the framing. Got most of it done by lunch but was lacking 3 or 4 pieces. Came in and ate and then we took off to get a couple of things at Wally World. Got the stuff there and then decided to go on down to the Oriental markets and see what they had today. Got to Emanuel and went in and it smelled BAD. Walked over and looked into the cooler and the food looked bad. We left with the stench clinging to our clothes. Went on down the road to Lee’s and they were closed. No sign or anything, just closed. Will try again tomorrow. Headed into Alexandria from there and stopped at the Helping Hands Thrift Store and got a few books and a couple of other things, then went on down the road to Food Land. Got several things there including some chicken breasts at a dollar a pound. From there came on home. Put stuff up and I got back out digging for wood. Gathered up enough to finish the decking and cleaned it, then cut it to length. Ripped the last piece to width and then put the side rails back on and drilled holes and drove bolts through them and got at least a few tightened down to lock it all together. Will get out tomorrow and finish it unless it’s raining too hard. Hoping I can get out and get the rest of the oak tree cut up in the morning but not sure it’ll happen from the looks of the radar. Will have to wait and see. Till then… 😉


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One Response to “Pieces and bits Tuesday”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Yes folks, it’s time for rain again. And then the thermometer will dip into the 20s and teens. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Oh well, at least we are getting variety…

    Had a pretty good day. Worked at the workbuilding and elementary school all day. Did some work on the image machine for the lab, as well as some other things. Think I will take it over to the high school today and just move into the lab and try to stay there and get some stuff done today. Just absolutely HAVE to see what’s up with the monitors and the cages they will sit in–if I have to adjust all the cages, it will take a lot of time, and I can get some help (hopefully) from some of the students. Going to be fun, and it looks like I’ll be moving stuff in the cold again. Well, lugging 17″ CRTs around will warm you up pretty well…

    Have a good day!


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