Long day done

After breakfast this morning got out and after rounding up some more bolts finished bolting down the retaining angle iron on the trailer decking. Put the sideboards back on and cleared the extra stuff off of the tongue. Loaded the chainsaw, fuel and oil on and came in to take a break. Twas after noon so heated and cooked lunch then took a package to the post office to mail out. Came back, got the tractor out, the trailer hooked up and Cat and I headed across to cut more firewood for the coming weeks. After sharpening and adjusting the chain started cutting a tree that had been damaged when the large oak fell. Made one cut and a top branch caught on another tree so had to make another one further up to try to get it to fall off. Didn’t get the second one deep enough so went back in and for some reason the chain came off the bar. Took the saw apart and got the chain back on but decided to use the tractor to pull the tree off, and did so. Cut it up and then cut the base of the big oak loose. Hooked the long logging chain to the top end and pulled it out to a clear area to cut it up. Got it cut up and then split part of it when Bill came up and helped me split the rest. We loaded the pieces up and came back to the compound, while Bill went to the neighbors to feed the cows. Cat and I moved a few wheelbarrow loads of dried wood to the pile at the back door and a few arm loads inside for the nights heating, then she proceeded to unload most of the trailer by herself as I came in and after getting the fire going again took a break. She’s paying for it now as in can hardly move. I sat for a while and then went in and fabricated supper from the bits and pieces that were available. We ate and that’s been the day. Gonna read a bit and then call it an early night. Hope to get out in the morning and finish splitting down the rest of the wood left on the trailer and stacking it, then going for another load. Several more trees that are standing dead in the same area that need to be taken down and this is the time of year to do it so hoping the weather holds tomorrow. Whichever, till then… πŸ˜‰


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3 Responses to “Long day done”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    My day went fairly well, except for my descending colon deciding it didn’t like me for awhile. But I go over it. Didn’t get what I had planned for the afternoon done, but I don’t think it would have been wise to do what I had planned, and I did get some other stuff done. Amazing what you can do while sitting for 3 1/2 hours when you are pretty sure that standing up would be A Big Mistake.

    Tomorrow is the Tech Fair, which is usually pretty interesting. Have a good day.


  2. mwp1979 Says:

    Dave – Don’t forget we have an ample supply of fire wood if you need more. I am working on trying to get access to some trees that have been felled for about a year now, but so far not luck. Will let you know when I do though.


    • depatty Says:

      Will keep it in mind. Main reason for cutting it here is that I can use the tractor and the big trailer to get as much in one load as it would take 4 or more pickup (the size of mine anyway) loads to haul and that’s just piling it to the top of the 8 inch sideboards. Would bring the trailer but my little Ranger just won’t pull it. If I had the big truck running I’d be that way on a regular basis but until I get another motor, it’s dead in the field. Always something… πŸ˜‰


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