Not even dark and I’m exhausted

Headed out about 11:30 this morning and got stuff ready to cut wood. Hooked the trailer up to the tractor and went to the power line cut. Shut it down and we walked both sides looking at the debris the power line crew left. Decided to start with the Cedar Springs Road side. Cat walked back to the house to fix some sandwiches and bring them up for lunch while I started cutting and splitting wood. Got the first big oak cut up and split by the time she got back, then took a break and we ate. When we finished we went back to the trailer and she started loading the split stuff up while I cut more up. Got most of it cut and moved the trailer to where I could hook to the remaining 10+ foot section of oak trunk with a piece of chain over the trailer to the tractor and dragged it up on the trailer. Unhooked the chain and rehooked to the trailer, got the rest of the cut pieces loaded and moved the trailer to the top and loaded a bunch of cut up pine 4 to 8 feet long to be cut down here. Got a fair load and headed back to unload and finish cutting and splitting. Spent another hour doing just that once we got back here. Cat unloaded and stacked while I cut and split. We’re both worn out. Was gonna go and get some stuff at the store but it’ll have to wait till tomorrow. Just not up to it today. Suspect we will both sleep well tonight. Hoping to get out and get one more load tomorrow. Depends on just how bad we are hurting when we get up in the morning. Till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Not even dark and I’m exhausted”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Had one of those good/bad days. Went in to work and got the image “ready enough” for the lab, and started making a clone of the drive for a backup. Expected it (from previous experience) to take about 11 or 12 minutes. Well, I came back in the workroom after going out into the workbuilding bay to get some stuff and discovered that the software doing the clone had experienced a read error, and it proceeded to slow down to approximately the same speed as a 4th grader copying notes. I went on and did the other stuff I needed to–changed a HD in a machine in another lab, changed some CD-ROMs, checked out another dead machine, that kind of thing. Came back after a couple of hours and the drive had gone from 86% done to 87% done, and the prediction for how long it needed had gone from 10 hours to 32 hours. I think we’re moving backward here…Left it doing its thing and will check this morning and see what’s up. If it is still going to take a while, I’ll just stop it and see what’s up with it. If necessary, I’ll just start over again. For the third time. I have a partially done image I can start from, and I’m getting pretty good at fleshing it out now. Sometimes I feel like someone doesn’t like me, or doesn’t approve of what I’m doing in the lab….but that would be paranoid, wouldn’t it?

    On the good news side, it looks like the chances of snow are drifting away, so to speak. I won’t miss it. ’93 gave me enough snow for a long, long, time.

    Have a good day!


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