Headed up to the power line again this morning and loaded a fair amount of wood on the trailer. Was working by my self so didn’t cut much of it up, just loaded the pieces that the power co contractors left for the most part. Did cut a few that were too heavy for me to lift but there weren’t but two or three that I cranked the saw for. Had a large load in about an hour and a half and came back to the compound and started unloading, cutting and splitting it. Took a break and ate then went back at it though not quite as hard as yesterday. Took a lot of breaks and ended up not getting but about 2/3rds of the trailer full unloaded, cut and split by dark. Still and all got several weeks of wood put back drying now so the cold weather can leave. 🙂 Cat and I are both about done in. Suspect that we won’t be moving to much or too fast tomorrow. Got to get out and pick up a few things as well as make a run to mail out some E-Bay stuff but other than that plan to be here and doing little or nothing. Till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Sunday”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    I went into work and researched how to make a Ghost boot CD. Good bit of information on the web, some of it kinda confusing. Made three coasters before I finally gave up. Some days it just don’t work. Went and ate lunch and then went home and mainly watched the Super Bowl, which turned out to be a good game. The team I was pulling for didn’t win, but I’m not a big fan, just had a mild preference, and it was a good game, so I was happy.

    Today is another day. Tallyho! Have a good one!


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