Monday done

Not that I’ve done much today. Twas a wet and dreary day and my mood followed right along with the weather. Got the E-Bay stuff packed and shipped off, came back and did a light lunch then read for a bit. After the schools had let out and traffic had cleared out a bit went to Wally World in Jacksonville and got a few things then came back home for the day. Got up and fixed a pasta and chicken with tomato sauce dish for supper and after eating been sitting at the computer doing a bit of browsing for most of the evening. Am about done in so am going to read a bit more and then call it an early night. Till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Monday done”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    ‘Twas wet and weary. Dreary too. Things went somewhat better Monday than the weekend, though. The eternal cloning was hung up for nearly a day at the same point when I got to work, so I just turned the machine off and reset the drives and booted up to see if either of them (the cloner and the clonee) would work. Neither did, and I said a few choice words, and then I noticed that I had reset the jumpers, hooked up the data cable, but had failed to hook up the power to the drive I wished to boot from. Just one little detail….once there were electrons available and willing to spin the platters, things worked fine. Who woulda thunkit? After doing a few things around the elementary school (and no sign that the rain was going to do anything but continue) I loaded up some stuff and proceeded to the high school. Got up in the lab and started a clone of the recently cloned drive (I DON’T trust the one I started with–there seemes to be a problem there) and went to get lunch. When I returned, the drive was cloned, and everything seemed to be working fine. I set up the cloned drive and did the things I needed to that I couldn’t do at the former location (network constraints) and everything worked fine. Except for the fact that someone came in and added One More Thing to the list that I need to do to the image, I’m about ready to start cloning and setting up. Yeah! Going to head up there first thing and see what I can get going today. Wish me luck.

    Have a good day! Looks beautiful, if somewhat chilly…


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