A very COLD Wednesday

Low here in the valley was 13.8 F last night/early this morning. Not sure what time it hit as my thermometer doesn’t have a time function. Tis falling past 21.6 now at 7.44 pm cdt so suspect it may get colder tonight than last night did. Don’t think it got above freezing today, at least not here.

Not done much of anything today except one trip out to the post office to ship out some E-Bay stuff, and work on Cat’s computer. We had a power outage a couple of days ago and she has been having trouble since. Did a bit of trouble shooting and found a stick of ram had gone bad. Found anogher stick and put in and got it back up. Also located a video card and put it in and sped the machine up quite a bit. The onboard video though nice and easy is a real time and memory hog, at least on Windows XP.

Got a loaf of bread started around 3 pm and put it in the oven a bit less than an hour ago. Should be ready to come out in about 7 minutes. Smells quite good. Hoping it tastes even close to as good…

Not sure what tomorrow will bring. Will see when it gets here. Till then… 😉


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One Response to “A very COLD Wednesday”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Yes, it ’twas cold yesterday. I was working up in the lab again, and it was cold up there. Finally IMed the maintenance guy and had him check on the temperature the room was set at. He ran it up and the heat pump came on, and it got better in there pretty quickly. I guess since the room wasn’t being used he had never reset it from “unoccupied” when we came back from Christmas. I should have got in touch with him earlier.

    Got a good bit done in there in half a day. Got the image nailed down (images are never really done, you just get to the point of saying “Enough! We’ll go with this!”) and started cloning drives. Also, got a couple of monitor cages set, and had six students come over 4th period and set up nearly all the other ones and put all the monitors I had up there in them. Will be getting more monitors over there today, first thing, as the boys will be back today. Yeah! Making progress, though.

    Went back to the elementary school and installed a DVD burner, and was able to successfully copy a DVD movie–not a commercial movie, one that the assistant principal had made. It’s his burner. My experience with copying movies and having them work is spotty, and I have found that CDBXP Pro works better at that than ANY of the commercial programs I have tried. Go figure. Free works better than fee.

    On a side note, the more I find and use free programs the more I find they tend to work better, on older machines, with fewer problems, than the pay programs do. Sure, the “pay” programs often have more “features”, but oftentimes the features are another way to spell PITA. Sometimes the “features” are what keep the program from working the way you want it too. Always on the lookout for good free programs–not all free programs are good, of course, but the ones that are more than make up for the dross.

    Oh, well, gotta get ready for another day. At least I won’t overheat moving monitors around today. Stay warm, and have a good day!


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