Bits and Pieces of Thursday

Been meaning to finish putting the wall in front of the front door up for some time, actually since just before Christmas when I got the steps put in. Had moved the wood I wanted to use up a couple of weeks ago and then separated it out when I finished up flooring the trailer. Once it warmed up to above freezing this morning I got out and pulled a few pieces of the tongue and groove out of the pile and cleaned the nails out of it, then did a bit of measuring and started cutting it to length. Got the first two pieces trimmed and screwed in as they were both different lengths and had other bits different from the rest of the wall, then made a template to drill the holes for the screws in the rest, and started cleaning, cutting, drilling, and bringing them in one or two at a time and putting into place. Finished with the boards and got the handrail installed late afternoon, after a break for lunch, and another one for a trip to Jacksonville to pay the power bill. Lunch was veggie and rice soup that I made this morning and cooked on the woodburner that we ate along with some of the bread I made last night. Supper was more of the soup with the last bit of the chicken and pasta from several nights ago added in along with most of the rest of the bread from last night. After we finished supper I got another batch of dough going which finished it’s first rising about half an hour ago. Worked it down and kneaded it a bit then put it in the baking pan to rise again before baking. Just remembered I needed to cut the top before it rose, back in a minute. Okay, the top is cut and the pan is turned so the other side will get heat from the stove and rise like the side that had been facing it for a while. And that’s about it for the day.

Oh, last night’s low here in this cold arsed valley was 10.0 F! Where as todays high was 41.4 F. Sitting at 24.8 right now at 8:50 pm cdt. The official Weaver low was 12 F so not too much difference for a change. Right now it’s 28 F at the Oxford/Anniston Airport.

And again that’s about it for the day. Will see what tomorrow brings when it gets here. Till then… 😉


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One Response to “Bits and Pieces of Thursday”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Had a pretty good day. Spent the morning in the lab, and with the help of the students again got all the monitors in place, as well as a truckload of stuff out of there that won’t be used in there. Looks like a room again! Have nearly half of the machines cloned. Making progress…

    The afternoon was spent elsewhere, and it looks like the morning will be today as well. Hopefully will be able to get back over there ~lunchtime and continue the tasks at hand. With just a little bit of luck, and only a little bit of interruption (hopefully), I’ll have the thing going next week. Here’s hoping…


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