Another one of those days

When I had no energy and got nothing done. Will see how the morrow goes. Till then… 😉


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One Response to “Another one of those days”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    My day was, well, a little bit different, I suppose.

    Started out with going to pick up a computer from a teacher that had been donated to her for her classroom. Not a bad machine, especially for what it will be doing in a third grade classroom. Now I just have to save the docs on it (people left some pics they didn’t mean to on it) and wipe it and reinstall from the ground up. SOS-DC–which means Same Old Stuff–Different Computer. A task for when I am next in the workbuilding.

    Then went to the high school where my boss and I got the school system pickup truck and trailer and headed to the local college where we got a video conferencing setup for the elementary school to use. Kinda funny–the VC setup consists of :
    One LARGE Sony CRT TV (about 32″ or so–real heavy thing)
    A TV cart with locking cabinet that weighs about 1/10 what the Sony does
    The codec–the actual VC equipment–which is about the size of a small laptop when closed with a camera on top about the size of 3 desktop HDs stacked on each other.
    Assorted cables and a strap to hold the heavy-ass TV in place.
    Not running it down at all, it’s really cool stuff, but it seems so funny that the actual equipment that does the video conferencing is so small and the equipment needed to show the folks at the other end is SO big and heavy. Display technology is not really keeping up. Oh, well, SOMETHING has to lag compared to everything else, I guess.

    Got the VC stuff moved, carried the truck and trailer back (with a slight detour/delay at the central office) and then went and got lunch at Jack’s in Lenlock and took the scenic route back to the high school via downtown Weaver. Beautiful day, and the temperature was great, for a change. Spent the balance of the work day cloning drives, upgrading RAM, and the like in the lab, which is FINALLY beginning to resemble a lab again, as opposed to the results of a violent explosion of a computer recycling truck on it’s way back to the recycling center with a full-and varied-load. Left work early and went home, got the wife, and went to pick up bread, do some banking, and buy a few groceries. Came home and did a few things around the house.

    Tomorrow is another day! Yippee! Have a good one.


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