Another nothing accomplished day

But such is life. Not sure if I am getting better or worse but am getting older one day at a time like all the rest of us. Got a loaf of bread in the oven at the present. Trying a bit of a change in the recipe tonight. Only used 1 table spoon of yeast instead of 2 and doubled the sugar to 2 table spoons as well as the salt to 2 teaspoons. Used about 2 cups of water and a longer initial rise time. Resistance of the dough in the second kneading was a bit better than the last couple of loaves have had. Will see how it turns out here in a bit. Not sure what tomorrow will bring. Will see when it gets here. Till then… šŸ˜‰


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One Response to “Another nothing accomplished day”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Life does go on. Had a pretty nice day yesterday. Made it to the zoo, even with a little confusion with the googlemaps instructions. Was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day, the temperature was great for walking around. We had to leave and go get something to eat and then come back, because all of the eateries in the zoo were closed except for one that we didn’t find until after we went and ate. C’est la vie. Was fun watching the animals, and even more fun watching the people. The vast majority had kids with them–we didn’t–and it was fun watching them.

    Went to the Promenade in Trussville on the way home and the wife found a couple of things at a reasonable price at Kirkland’s Home store there. Got some stuff from Pruett’s in Gadsden for supper and went home and ate. Then took it easy until bedtime.

    Today is Sunday school and church, and then back home to do some financial planning. Will probably get on the front porch for that, it’s just too pretty to do inside. Hope the wind is kind…

    Have a good day! If you don’t feel up to doing anything, get out in the sun and read. Great day for it…


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