Sunny Sunday

Got out this morning and finished clearing the wood off the trailer that I had loaded up last Sunday. Didn’t get it cut up but it’s in a big pile on the ground waiting. Found a broom and swept the trailer off and then moved a chair onto it. Went to the barn and found one of my 3 legged stools and brought it up and placed it by the chair, went inside and got my current book, glasses and cup of coffee, brought them all out and sat and read most of the day away sitting in the sun on the portable porch. Mid afternoon the mind got to wandering and I made a trip to the yard sale trailer and found the 1 1/2 inch hand drill and brought it back over. Went to the front of the compound and got a bunch of 1 1/4 inch pvc pipe and moved it around back by the trailer. Located some scrap 2×3’s and the power screwdriver and some 3 inch screws. Drilled some holes in the 2×3’s and screwed them to the top of the sideboards on the trailer and bent the pvc pipe to fit into the holes on each side. Now to take down the temp shed in the front and move the canvas to the trailer and drape it over the pvc pipe, and I’ll have a covered wagon (kinda). Still got a few changes to make but looks like it will work to make a roof on the trailer so I can use it for things other than hauling stuff. Will see about getting pix later this coming week. Other than that been another done nothing productive weekend. Will see what tomorrow brings when it gets here. Till then… 😉


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One Response to “Sunny Sunday”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Sounds like a good day to me. We all need those “at-ease” days.

    We had something of an “at-ease” weekend, sort of. Went to the zoo Saturday, and just did church and bill-sorting yesterday. Got something of a headache sorting out the medical bill situation–it seems like medical bills are generated in Sanskrit, translated (badly) to Pueblo, and then translated (badly again) to English. Or something like that….got it all straightened out, finally, but wound up feeling not too good, and just didn’t do squat the rest of the day. Which was fine with me…

    Now I’m up a little bit early, about to get my first cup of coffee and get ready for another “lab day”. It’s nice to be making progress. Going to finish that sucker this week if it harelips me…

    Have a good day!


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