The Tuesday that was

Did some stuff on the computer this morning, then we went to Anniston to pay the Cable bill for the internet. Stopped by the Salvation Army for a browse around and picked up a few books and a postage scale, then went to Oxford and ate lunch in the park in downtown. Stopped by Sav-A-Lots and the Dollar Tree on the way home and got some foodstuffs that were needed. Got back here and after putting the food and such up went out and did some finishing work on the trailer and then took the pictures that are in the previous post. After that went across the way and got the shaving horse and brought it back over. Moved a piece of oak log onto the trailer and drilled holes for 3 legs in the bottom of it so I can use it as a anvil stand and a work bench for rough cutting and carving and such. Took the broken piece of handle out of the 3 inch wide chisel and carved down a piece of wood and made a new one. Twas getting dark by then so called it a night. Came in and ate then been browsing on the computer since. Gonna read a bit and then call it a night. Will see how the weather looks tomorrow and see what I can do when it gets here. Till then… 😉


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One Response to “The Tuesday that was”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Sounds like a productive day. Mine went pretty well. Back to the lab, where I got three of the computers actually hooked up (“And there was much rejoicing!”) and spent essentially the whole morning getting them set up properly and figuring out just exactly how and in what order I need to do things to get everything done in the least amount of time. I have learned that when I’m doing something like this (setting up a large number of nearly identical machines) it is well worth the time to determine exactly what the best way to go is, and then make a list of the steps and follow it. That leads to less backtracking for the “Oops! I forgot about that!” kind of thng, which can be surprisingly easy to do.

    Went to lunch and did some stuff at the elementary school, then left a little bit early to get a haircut. By then it was late enough that I just couldn’t get any traction on starting up again, so I went home. Today is sufficient and so forth. Going to start briefly (I hope) at the elementary school, and then try to stay at the high school all day and REALLY get some stuff done. Here’s hoping….have a good day, and keep a weather eye out.


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