Windy Wednesday

Did a few minor things this morning trying to get ready for the winds that were predicted for the afternoon. Made a trip to the post office and mailed off a E-Bay package. Got back and tidied up a few more things. Fixed and ate lunch and waited for the storms. They came and were quickly gone. Only one tree that I know of that came down. Had a bunch of things blow around that I’ll clean up tomorrow. After the worst of the blow was over cleaned off my desk, set up a lamp to provide illumination and started photographing some of the many books we are putting on E-Bay for sale. Got hung up with a non problem in converting the picture files from horizontal to vertical positions. Helps to be accessing the same directory with all programs. Finally figured out what was up but not without wasting an hour in the process. Got some of the pictures put up on the site and E-Bay but the rest will have to wait till tomorrow. Am done with that crap for the night.

Will see what the morrow will bring when it gets here. Till then… 😉


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One Response to “Windy Wednesday”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Had another “didn’t go as planned” day. Was going to briefly do a thing or two at the elementary school and then head back to the lab. Spent all day at the elementary school or workbuilding instead. C’est la vie. Going DIRECTLY to the lab today and staying there unless something actually catches fire–tomorrow too, most likely. I do NOT want to come back Saturday–I will if I’m not finished, but I would rather finish up tomorrow. I can, if left alone. We’ll see.

    Today is supposed to be nice–I hope so! Have a good one.


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