Friday the 13th

And nothing much got done. Been one of those days. Not sure what the problem is but have felt much better. Hoping for a better day tomorrow. Till then… 😉


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One Response to “Friday the 13th”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Friday the 13th actually went pretty well for me. Sequestered myself in the lab all day, only came out for the bathroom and to go get some keyboards. Got a good bit done. Had run into what I thought was bad hard drives the day before, but upon overnight reflection wondered if it might not be an artifact from the cloning software I used. Tested out the theory and it turned out to be true. All the drives are WDs, all of them are 20 GB, but some of them have fewer LBAs than the others. Less than the image drive has also. So, when I clone them, I get a message about “Destination drive is smaller than source drive. Copy as much information as possible anyway?” or something similar. I guess that last little bit of information is pretty important…anyway, I wiped the drives and cloned them with different software, and everything went fine. Little more work, but better than having to go round up more drives. Going back tomorrow and finish up.

    Spent most of today working on some computers at a local business. Getting rid of extraneous stuff, as well as spyware/malware/viruses. One machine (the sacrificial lamb for the teenage daughter and friends) had 3760+ pieces of malware on it. With that, 8 viruses, and several toolbars gone, even IE works good now.

    Well, waiting on the son to get done with grilling supper, and the wife to get home from work. Have a good one!


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