Tired Monday

Woke up tired and have been getting no better all day. Had to make a run to Anniston to pay the insurance bill then came right back home. Saw Steve and Sue just down the road, he waved but by the time I saw and recognized who it was we were past.

Put a pot of pinto beans on the woodburner to quick soak when we got back. After they got to boiling took them off and let them sit for an hour or so. Drained them and washed a couple of times then filled the pot back up with water, added salt, cumin, chili power, and some black pepper, and put them on to cook. After they had an hour or so on cooking, cut up an onion and cooked it along with some frozen bell peppers. When they were done put them in with the beans and started some cut up bacon cooking. After it got done added a pound of ground turkey that I had added some sausage seasoning, cumin, chili power, oregano, salt, black pepper, rubbed sage, and yellow corn meal to and let sit for a bit. Spread the turkey out over and around the bacon bits then when it was firm flipped it over and let the other side brown, then chopped it all up and cooked it a bit more to brown it all the way through. Once good and done added it to the pot. Put in a can of tomatoes and chillies and a hand full of dried tomatoes from last summer. Put the frying pan back on the woodburner and emptied a couple of cans of drained corn into it, added a large dollop of margarine and cooked it till it was soft and starting to brown a bit, then added it to the pot of chili. Let it cook down a bit and then we ate a couple of bowls mainly to make room in the pot. Had some of the wheat bread with it. Quite good! Added a cup of rice and put it back on the woodbuner for another hour till the rice was good and done. Should be enough for several meals.

Done a bit on the computer in between stirring the food, but nothing much else today. Am gonna make it an early night, so till tomorrow… 😉

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