Don’t Do Private Calls or Text Messages

You want to talk to me, best let me know who you are or I ain’t answering. As I said in a post the other day, if the screen says Private Call then I figure it’s none of my business and hit ignore. Never gotten one that wasn’t a sales call, so I quit answering any of them. Don’t answer 800 numbers for the same reason…

And I don’t do text messages, either send or receive. Both cost on my Tracfone and if I got something to say then I can call and say it quicker than trying to type it out on the tiny keypad with my oversized fingers. Don’t read them as the only ones I have gotten have been scams or sales crap and did nothing but cost me money.

So if anyone that reads this has tried to get in touch with me by one of the above means and been unable to, now you know why. Just FYI… 😉


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