5 minute a day bread recipe

5 minute a day bread

3.5 cups water (lukewarm)
1.5 tablespoons yeast
1.5 tablespoons salt
6.5 cups flour

or if you have a large enough container, 13c flour, 7c water, 3tbs yeast, 3tbs salt.

Dissolve the yeast and salt in warm water, mix in the flour once yeast is dissolved, until evenly mixed. You can do this with a mixer, I just use a (clean) hand. If you want herbs, or spices, mix them in at the same time. Let the bowl sit out, loosely covered, for about 2-4 hours, then put it in the fridge. It is best if in the fridge for at least a couple of hours.

Once refrigerated, pull off a bit of dough, enough for your loaf or whatever. Turn the dough in your hands, pulling it around to the underside (this stretches it gently, smoothing it out better to make it pretty), place on floured, corn mealed, or oat mealed surface to slide it into oven. Make cuts in the top so it can stretch. Let the dough sit for an hour. Pre-heat the oven to 450 for 20 minutes or so before you put the dough in, and while preheating, have your baking surface (pan, cast iron, baking stone) inside, middle rack. Have an empty cake or bread pan on rack below. Put your loaf in, pour water into the bread pan, and immediately close the oven door. Bake for 30 minutes.

Variations: Naan, pull off a small bit, press down with palm on well floured surface, roll the dough out until about 1/8″ thick. Cook on hot skillet, using Ghee (clarified butter), or oil. Cook covered, one side, flip, and cook other side. It is easier to cook in the oven, again, use a preheated surface. As soon as it comes out, brush with ghee.

Cinnamon rolls: Roll out dough into rectangle, wash with melted butter, liberally sprinkle with brown sugar and cinnamon (and nuts if you like). Roll up along short direction, cut into rolls, set these rolls in baking dish. Let the dish set for an hour or so to rise (covered), then bake (uncovered) at 450 for about 30 minutes. Let them cool a bit, then pour on icing of powdered sugar and water, or spread on cream cheese icing.

Cinnamon raisin bread: Roll out into rectangle, butter wash, sprinkle cinnamon, raisins, fold on long direction, or lightly roll until tube. Tuck the edges under and in, so filling doesn’t fall out, tuck into bread pan, lightly press in to fill into edges of pan, let rise 1-3 hours, bake 30 minutes, bring out the butter, or icing!

Pizza dough, and stromboli are pretty much naan, just bigger.

You can give your loaves an egg, or butter wash before baking, makes it nice and golden, sweet crust, crunchy but not stiff.

The 5 minute a day recipe from the page I found the link to the video. Gonna have to try this tomorrow (actually later today seeing it’s after midnight now, and I was gonna go to bed early…).


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