Saturday This and That

Got out this am and started moving wood away from the existing work area under the temp shelter behind the trailer in preparation for putting up the 12 foot long shelving/work bench. Spent my mornings energy getting the wood moved. After eating lunch went out to get some things, then when we got back I got a batch of dough started and set by the woodburner to rise. Then went out back and started moving stuff off the work bench so I can take it down and start up with the steel framing. Got about half the stuff moved and called it a day. Came in and moved the racks around in the oven to allow for a pan of water on bottom and the bread shelf in the center. Moved the dough to the fridge and browsed on the computer till it was cold. Cut a chunk off of the dough and after working it set it aside to rest. Warmed and ate supper then put the loaf in the oven, added water to the pan and closed the door. Let it cook for 30 minutes and took it out. Nice color, odor and texture. Let it cool, and then Cat and I tried it, and ended up eating half the loaf. Was QUITE tasty! Added more flour, salt and water to the dough in the fridge. Will try for another loaf tomorrow and see how it does. For now am gonna do a bit of browsing and then call it a night. Till tomorrow… 😉

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One Response to “Saturday This and That”

  1. Neighbor Nancy Says:

    “ended up eating half the loaf” hee hee.
    Can’t tell you how many times that ends up as dinner, here, on busy baking day.

    Is there anything cozier than fresh bread?!


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