RIP Linux – Recovery is Possible | linuxsysconfig

RIP Linux – Recovery is Possible | linuxsysconfig

Don’t worry, Linux is not dead yet. And the $TITLE is not about a new RIP implementation on Linux. The name stands for Recovery Is Possible and it’s in fact a Slackware-based Live OS.

It can be used for various tasks like maintenance, troubleshooting, rescuing an installed system, or even as a Live OS for browsing the Internet, chatting with friends, listening to music or watching movies. All that at a cost of a 90MB ISO image.

RIPLinux comes in different versions (X, non-X, Grub, Grub2, PXE) and it’s a lightweight distro, only requiring 256MB of RAM and a 586 CPU to run.

Haven’t tried it yet, but did download the iso. Gonna give it a test run asap.


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3 Responses to “RIP Linux – Recovery is Possible | linuxsysconfig”

  1. Steve Says:

    Times have changed, haven’t they? I remember when a “lightweight” linux distro was supposed to run in 16 MB of RAM on a 486. Not that I could get it to do it, since I was/am a noob on the command line, but still….

    Ah, progress–much easier to find 586 processor/256 MB machines than it used to be, eh?


  2. Rossetin Says:

    A few days ago when I accidentally deleted some of my very important files , I went for a linux recovery software named Stellar Phoenix Linux Recovery Software to recover all my lost files.


  3. depatty Says:

    Get the feeling the “comment” above is actually spam, but am gonna leave it for now.

    Not sure why anyone would pay $100 (or whatever) for a linux distro to use to recover files with when there are SO many out there (like RIP Linux or Puppy Linux or…) that do the same for free.


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