Monday On The Road

First stop this morning was to get fuel and then to Wally World for a bunch of stuff for Cat’s Mom. Then headed to Pell City and stopped off at Alabama Thrift Store so Cat’s brother could check over some stuff that we had he wanted to look at before we put it up for sale on E-Bay. He wanted so we sold it to him and then headed on to Calcis. Unloaded the truck of Cat’s mom’s stuff and then I sat and read till Cat was ready to head back this way. Came back and made a stop in Jacksonville to pay the power bill then a quick run through Winn Dixie where we got nothing. Prices just too much higher than elsewhere. Went on north on 21 and then out 204 and went by the new thrift store in the old Edwards Grocery building. Turns out Cat knows the guy who owns the business. I found a pasta maker/roller that I gladly paid $5.00 for and Cat found a box of patterns and craft books that we haggled with the guy for and got reasonable enough. Then headed home. Ate supper and then while Cat went through her box of books I took the pasta machine apart and cleaned and lubed it. It’s missing the clamp but I can make one without much trouble. Glad we got extra flour and eggs today, so I can make some fresh pasta later this week! Been wanting to for a while now but didn’t want to fight with cutting it with a knife. Will see about making a clamp tomorrow and then will have no more excuses for not making fresh noodles…

After posting last night, had an enlightening experience. Went to move a brass lamp that was by the computer and the head swung around and touched the computer and with a flash welded it’s self to the housing, putting the lights and monitor out for a second. I knocked the lamp loose and when the lights came back on unplugged it and carefully moved it away and then took it a part. It had worn through the insulation on the wire in several places and this wasn’t the first time as someone had taped it back together once before. Took it all apart and removed the old wire and now have a string running through it where the wire is supposed to go. Will get some new wire asap and replace it. Am also going to grind the sharp edges off that have caused this and see about putting some additional insulation in that area to keep it from happening again. Do not like sparks and computers mixing company…

Have decided to hold off on building the work bench/storage rack in the temp shed out back. Am instead going to finish some more of the porch roof and put the bench and storage area under permanent roof. Will make more work for a short time but will be much less in the long run as the one under the temp shed would have to be moved when the shed was and one or both of them will need to be moved soon as I need at least one of them over at the yard sale trailer so we can start doing the sales again.

Not sure what the morrow will bring. Will see when it gets here. Till then… 😉


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One Response to “Monday On The Road”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Bump! Flash! “Oh S**t” Know the feeling too well. Along with that “It ain’t supposed to do that!” feeling…Glad there was no permanent damage.

    Winn-Dixie–I agree completely. That place has been higher than everyone else on 90+% of their stuff for decades. I don’t see how they stay in business. It cracks me up to see the commercials they have been running where the customers (actors) are holding up their receipts and saying “I saved $20!” “I saved 15$!” Dude, give me the money, and I’ll shop at Wally World for you and save more, even after my fee!

    Had a Monday–not great, not bad, somewhere in between. Got some stuff done, some other stuff didn’t go, and am in the middle of some of it. Trying to recover some files from a RAID on a machine that has suffered hardware failures–beginning to look like multiple hardware failures. Going to try a few more things this morning, and then say “Enough! You are dead already!” We’ll see…gotta go get ready for the daily grind. Have a good one!


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