Done little Wednesday

Been another down day. Hurting all over for some reason. Spent part of the afternoon sleeping. Hoping to get more done tomorrow. Till then… 😉


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One Response to “Done little Wednesday”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Somehow I missed commenting yesterday…still haven’t figured out happens, I guess.

    Tuesday was, well, Tuesday. Not a whole lot happened one way or another.
    Yesterday (Wednesday) they had the final inspection of the new wing at the high school, which involved (among other things) killing the power to the entire school and making sure the generator kicked in and kept the emergency lights and such going. Everything worked, and I was able to shut down/restart all the servers without incident. Nice to know when such things are going to happen, rather than just have the lights dim and have time to say “Oh s**t!” before it all goes out. Went back to the elementary school and did a few things there to finish out the day. The boss will be back today (he’s been sick) and we are going to try and tidy up some loose ends this morning. Ought to be fun. Hopefully we’ll get some plan of attack about what to do in the next couple of weeks. Coordination is a Good Thing.

    Well, time to eat breakfast and face the world. Have a good one, and hope you feel better today.


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