Wet Friday

Haven’t done much today but more than the past couple of days anyway. Got out this afternoon and took some stuff to the post office in Alexandria. Then went to the West Point Thrift Store for a quick look around. From there as the rain was getting heaver again headed back Weaver way and swung by my folks house for a bit then back home and into the dry. Took a walk to the creek just before dark and it still had several feet to top out over the banks. Fixed a pot of leftover soup for supper. Been putting some of our books up for sale at our site at Bonanzle the past couple of days. Hope to get a few more put in tomorrow. Slow going but then I am putting them on at the Mysterious Volumes website and Blue Springs Bazaar at Bonanzle too so taking a bit more time than just doing it at one place but tis a bit of a backup and also more places for folks to find them.

For now am gonna do a bit more browsing and then call it a night and hope the nasty weather settles down for the evening rather than picking back up around midnight the way the weather service seems to think it will. Till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Wet Friday”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Forecast: Rain, rain, more rain, a few storms, more rain, changing to snow. Sounds like late winter in Alabama, eh?

    Friday was wet. Very wet. Did a LOT of remote administration (which seems very sensible in this kind of weather) and some out and about–some things you just can’t do remotely. Did some video conversion–camcorder tape to DVD. The assistant principal at the elementary school has a neat little box that takes in composite audio/composite (RCA) video/S-video and imports it via USB 2 to a computer, where you can edit it (very primitively, as far as that app is concerned) and burn it to DVD. Also makes a .mpg file along the way, which can be useful. Did some with that , and made some DVDs of some stuff that had been taped there at the school. Pretty neat. Looking for a good free video editing app. Think I have found one, just have to figure out how it works. Having a dual core processor and a bunch of RAM (which the assistant principal’s machine does) really speeds things up. He has a Core Duo laptop w/2 GB of RAM, and his machine at school is a Core 2 Duo with 3 GB of faster RAM, and there is a material difference between them, speed-wise. Horsepower is nice.

    Well, going to go get some stuff done here. The wife is on call, waiting for the hospital to call and say “Come in!”. Patient count is low, which is a little strange, considering the various cruds going around right now, but that could change any moment. Have a good day, and stay dry!


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