Snowy Sunday

Well, it’s March and we have now had our snow. Now it’s time to warm up and dry out…

Been working on the Bluesprings Bazaar store most all day. Mostly doing stuff that won’t be seen till I get it all done, which is importing our Ebay items. Got to finish editing them all before I can activate any of them. Wish there was some way to activate one at a time but haven’t found it. So get to do all 100+ and then bring them all in at one time.

Sold a bunch of stuff today so will get to pack and mail it out tomorrow. Can hardly wait. Got a flat tire on the truck but decided to wait till tomorrow and see if it will dry out a bit before doing anything about it. Hoping I can find the nail or whatever and plug it on the truck and then air it up.

Getting late so am gonna hit the sack and start again tomorrow. Till then… 😉


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One Response to “Snowy Sunday”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    OK, now that I have found the comments….

    Had a laid-back Sunday/snowday. It started coming down right after the wife left for work (she saw it start on the way in, AAMOF) and came down pretty good for a while. The daughter got up and got her camera and went to take pictures. Let the dogs out of the pen and into the house too, they didn’t seem to like the white stuff too much. They are still in this morning, since it got kinda chilly last night and they were behaving. Didn’t do a lot yesterday–actually napped for almost 4 hours, which was really nice. Took it easy and did a few things, but mainly was sorry and enjoyed it greatly.

    Well, back to the salt mines today. Have to take the daughter’s car to Jacksonville Tire and get Greg to fix whatever is roaring in the right-front wheel. Probably either a wheel bearing, a half-shaft, or both. We’ll see. Have a good day!


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