Another day online

Working on adding Google specific data to the books. Haven’t gotten near as far as I wanted to. Took a break and built a couple of shelves to hold some of the books that are for sale rather than have them piled in boxes. Just got to find more walls to add shelves on. Think I am gonna take the flamingo wall hanging down that’s over the work bench beside my computer here and put shelves on the wall were it is now. Got to get out tomorrow if possible and cut more firewood. About 2 days worth left of the huge pile we cut a while back. However, for now am gonna call it a night and start again in the am. Till then… 😉


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  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Had a pretty good Twosday myself. Started at the high school, where the boss and I did tech support (setting up laptops) for a training session on some new software. At the lunch break I picked up the daughter’s car complete with new wheel bearing, paid for it, picked up the daughter where she had left the wife’s car for her at work, went back and got my truck, picked up some tacos, ate, and went back to the training. After the training was over, and the laptops safely back in place, went to the other campus and did a few things, mainly getting a lab ready for the new online software we are converting to on one of the main programs there. Lots of fun–not hard, really, but a lot of repetition.

    After work went and got the wife’s car and filled it up, hit Wally World for a few things, got my truck and filled IT up, and then finally went home. Was ready to go home by then, believe me…not much else the rest of the night, got into bed pretty much at the stroke of ten for the second night in a row. Some rather vivid dreams, involving vampires, job changes, and other fun things. Think I liked the vampires better than the job changes, more predictable. Oh, well. Another day, another dollar–at this rate, who wants to be a millionaire?


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