Thursday falling down

Have had a weird/bad day so far today. Got up this morning and was quite dizzy. Started breakfast and then walked out to the truck to put some stuff back in it that I had forgotten to do yesterday after getting back from the folks house. Put the folding chairs in and turned to get a couple of crates and my head spun then the next thing I know I’m on the ground and having trouble getting the limbs to move right. Finally get back upright and decided that it’s time go go back inside and sit down. Which I do, slowly and carefully. Have had several more severe head spinning moments today that I think are due to this sinus problem I have had for a week or so. Only real trouble I have had from the fall is my left hand and left side ribs. I think I tried to catch myself going down and landed wrong on the hand. Something popped and the little finger side of the hand is still quite painful. Got it wrapped with a elastic bandage and it’s usable. Ribs are where my elbow was between them and the ground when I hit and are just sore. Don’t think there is any damage there. Suspect that there will be more soreness show up within the next day or so. Have been in bed for most of the day. Got up a few minutes ago and not quite as dizzy as I have been so figured I’d get this done in case it comes back on later. For now am gonna go back and lie down for a bit longer. Till either later or tomorrow as the case turns out to be… 😉


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