Somewhat better Saturday

Still far from even 50% but getting better. Have spent most of the day yet again on the Bonanzle site finishing up adding ISBN numbers to all the books and updating the pictures to actual scans and photos of the book covers. Finally got them all done and have added a couple of new old books. Got more that I have taken pictures of but am about out of energy so think I am gonna call it a night and start again tomorrow. So, till then… 😉


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One Response to “Somewhat better Saturday”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Glad you are getting better. I am doing better too, though I never got as bad as you did.

    Spent yesterday running errands and changing oil. Went to town and got some medicine, mailed some bills off, and hit Wally World and Advance Auto Parts. Came back home, and after lunch (and the settling down of the stomach after lunch) changed the oil on the wife and daughter’s cars, and on my truck. Went pretty easily, actually, just had to figure out where everything was on the daughter’s car, since I hadn’t ever changed it before. Washed up afterwards and stayed around the house after that. Went to be about 9:20 (or 10:20 by the new time) which worked out well–was able to get up at a reasonable hour this morning. Going to church in a few minutes, and then home to get the tax stuff together. Think I have just about everything I need now to get it all together. Wish me luck, and continued sanity…

    Have a good one!


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