Bonanzle Sunday

Been working on the site all day and only got a few new pieces put in. But I think I got all the pictures and links and ISBN numbers corrected and added and fixed on all the older stuff. Maybe… At 160 items as of tonight when I called it a night and started browsing and chatting and such so guess I am starting to get something in there. Gonna look at importing the database of 3000+ books this coming week. Gonna have to export the data and get it in a spreadsheet and do a bit of modification on it and then export it in a different format and import it in Bonanzle and THEN add the pictures one at a time. Which should be fun. 😦 But it gives me something to do. Now if we can get a few sales…

Dell called today and should be here tomorrow afternoon with the Jelly Belly, on his way back to Washington state for an overnight stay. So, Steve, if you want to see it, let me know and I’ll call you when he gets here.

Am calling it a night, so till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Bonanzle Sunday”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Yes, I would like to see it! Does this mean he is here now, or here tomorrow (Tuesday)? Let me know…I can come by on the way to work in the morning if he is here and leaving then.

    Had a Monday, not that bad. Stomach wasn’t as much trouble as last week, maybe it’s about to leave. Trying to get the last of the tax stuff together. Pulling Norton off a Vista machine now. Modem isn’t working right, and Best Buy said it was a virus. Wanted $199 to fix it for the folks. Guess with Circuit City in the grave the gouging can begin…I don’t think it will be quite that much with me doing it.

    Hope you are feeling better, and will try to check back/check e-mail.


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