Steampunk Tuesday

Not the whole day but the late afternoon and evening has been infected with it. Had some friends come over this noonish and we and they visited with Dell for a bit before he headed out toward Memphis. They headed up to the hill and Cat and I came in. I did some lunch while she took a siesta. After eating went over to the yard sale trailer and rounded up parts of an old microphone and stand and brought them back over here. Spent some time cleaning and polishing them up and painting a couple. After everything was ready, put it together, cut some foam and mounted the microphone element and tried it out. Worked great! Much better sound than the element in the original housing. Fixed and ate supper and did a bit of browsing and reading online and then got back to it. Dug around and found a piece of black cloth and put it over the foam to black it out and reassembled it and tried it again and it was even better. Then got to looking at the headphones and decided to lace the wires and tie them off to the headpieces. That was another hour or so this evening. But I think it was worth it. Pix below…


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3 Responses to “Steampunk Tuesday”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Cool! I would love to mod hardware, but I don’t have a good place to do it. Or the skills, either. Would have to break a few things trying, I guess, and then would get better, hopefully.

    Came by yesterday morning a little before eight and looked at the Jelly Belly. Really cool! I did a good look over of the outside, but since everybody was asleep I did my best to not wake anyone–I know I would be pissed if I was sleeping soundly and some SOB I don’t even know came along and rapped on my home and said “Dude! Get up and let me see your place!” Not cool at all. The son was just castigating me for not letting him know so he could have gone by, but I think he was out the door yesterday before I saw it on the site.

    Had a pretty good Tuesday, got stuff done, anyway. Will try to do more of the same today. Have a good one!


  2. Steve Says:

    Dave, could you post a link to Dell’s website? I would like to look at it again (it has been quite a while) and I would like to show it to some people also. Thanks!


  3. depatty Says:

    Glad to. The links are below to some of his work.

    The Roswell (Jelly Belly) build thread on T&TTT:

    His blog:

    The build thread for his current Canned Ham project at T&TTT


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