Hump day done

Got a bunch of stuff packed and took it to the post office this am. From there went down and paid the cable bill so we have access to the internet for another month. Neither of us was feeling well so turned around and came directly back home. Cat went to take a lie down and I got some tools and went back out to see if I could find the cause of the water getting into the floor board of the truck. Found and removed an inspection panel into the vent/drain area just under the windshield and found it clogged with leaves and dirt. Took the truck to the barn and fired up the air compressor. Found a piece of 1/8 inch copper tubing with a flair on one end and cut an 8 inch piece off. Found a die and cut threads on the outside of the tap and screwed it into the end of the air gun. Took it out and as the compressor had built up pressure by then started blowing the leaves and such out. Got most of the debris out and decided to see what it would take to remove the heater blower motor to clean that side out too. After a bit of a scrounge for tools, removed the air filter box and enough stuff to get the blower motor out of the housing. Which was filled with leaves and pine straw. Blew a bit out and then removed the blower resistor pack to allow a bit better access to some more of the blockage. Found then were the pine smoke odor had been coming from. 😦 Resistors were full of partially burned pine straw. Cleaned it out and then blew as much of the crap out as I could. Felt up and around and located more up top around the antenna. Located a hole by bottom corner of the windshield that I could get the tubing in and finished blowing the crap out. All in all took a couple of hours and the compressor restarted 3 times before I got it mostly cleaned out. Put it all back together and got in the truck and tried the blower. For the first time since we got the truck it put out air on low speed! And we had air at the floor, and the dash vents, and the defrost ducts! The first time again for the floor. I had thought it had a vacuum control that was bad and not opening a gate or something. But turns out it was leaves and pine straw. One of Fords worst ideas to put the vent were it is and not put some kind of leaf screen over it. I think I am gonna take some screen wire and make a frame and screw it over the openings on the outside. Don’t care how it looks, just don’t want to have this happen again. STUPID design…

Came back up and ate a now late lunch and been doing computer things since. Not sure what tomorrow will bring. Guess I will see when it gets here. Till then… 😉


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One Response to “Hump day done”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    ARRGH! Lost my comment! I’ll come back later, no time now….


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