Thursday and a leather bikini

Started the day off (after coffee and breakfast) with a trip to the service station for fuel and then the post office to mail some E-Bay stuff out. Came back home and took a walk down to the old airsoft police station to get the mannequin. Stopped at the barn and used the air and a metal brush to clean it up as best as I could. Went to the yard sale trailer and removed the dress makers dummy from the stand and brought the stand back over here to use as the support base for the mannequin. The rod is 5/8 inches so went to the barn to find a bit. No got. So found a 5/8 inch piece of steel and used the lathe to turn the end down to less than 3/8 with a nice taper to 5/8 inches. Got a 3/8’s drill bit and dirlled a hole in the center of the base of the mannequin, then used the punch I made to sedge it out to 5/8th’s. Fit the stand and brought it to the qhut and then spent some time looking for several things to try to repair it with which I couldn’t find. Ended up with a glue gun and some glue sticks. Glued the holes and breaks and smoothed them out but wasn’t satisfied with the way it looked. Went ahead and painted it with a rattle can of gloss black and it looked rather bad. Decided to make it an art project. Worked on it for a while and then ran out of glue sticks. Went back to the yard sale trailer for more glue sticks, finished the surface and put on another coat of paint. Drilled the ears out for ear rings and repainted them, then brought it back inside and made a leather bikini top out of some scraps. Found another scrap that with a bit of fitting worked as a bandanna. Still not quite satisfied with the finish. Gonna see if a coat of semi gloss will fix the problem. If not will see about getting some matte finish clear coat and trying that. From there will change colors. The texture is what I was wanting. Just got to find something that will let me photograph the jewelry.

Am about done in. Will see what the morrow brings. Till then… 😉


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One Response to “Thursday and a leather bikini”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    I can hardly wait to get to work now. I will be sure that Bill sees your latest post. I am looking forward to seeing his reaction…

    Looks cool! And Art for Art’s Sake is fine, especially if you are Art. Sorry, it was just sitting there, begging me…The leather bikini is, well, rather Raquel Welch-ish, ala “1,000,000 years BC”. Not a bad thing, but I must say you don’t see many leather bikinis nowadays. At least, not it the type of places I usually frequent….

    I better stop now, things are starting to get out of control as far as where this thread is taking me. Yesterday was a pretty good day, got some stuff done, found a few kinks in the process, and broke a USB stick. Just sheer carelessness, not watching what I was doing. Got a little too focused on one thing, and screwed up another. Oh, well–I have already replaced the stick with a larger one, and if you can fix the original enough to get the data off, all will be fine. If not, c’est la vie. I’ll feel bad about it, but life will go on. Have had several “idiot moments” lately, I think maybe I need to unwind and rest up some. Also need to see if my new blood pressure medicine is doing what it is supposed to, that could be a factor.

    Oh, well, it’s time to reconcile the checkbook. Have a good day, and the stick will be in the truck. (Sounds like a cheap spy novel code phrase, doesn’t it–“The stick is in the truck!””The pink alligators have eaten the neighbor’s dog!”) I think that maybe I slept too long or not enough, I’m not sure which….


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