Bits and bobs on Friday the 13th part 2 for the year

Started the morning (after breakfast that is) with a job for Steve. Had a broken off usb thumb drive that needed to be fixed enough to get the data off of. This was the most tedious work I have EVER done. The usb plug bits that could be seen broken loose were not the problem. The piece of the board left on the usb plug had to be reattached as there were traces that ran through it and back to other things. The tiniest solder I have was about 10 times the diameter of the wire jumpers I had to install which were the diameter of hair. Not to mention that the end of my small soldering iron was like a shovel head under the magnification I had to use to even see the traces. Ended up attaching my jewelers loupe to my binocular magnifiers to get the magnification needed to see the stuff. But tis done and the data has been recovered. All in all made me feel rather good that I actually managed to fix the sucker…

Next on the agenda was to see what was wrong with my coffee maker. Got one cup of yesterdays coffee and started a new pot and it ain’t working perking. And I needed caffene after that job. Removed the piece that holds the coffee grounds and filter. Poured the water out and turned the unit over. Looked in the holes in the bottom and noted that they were security screws of a type that I didn’t have a screwdriver for. But it was basically a flat blade driver with a slot in the center. So found an old junk flat blade screwdriver and took it out to the shop. Tried the band saw but could not hold it steady enough. Got a thin 5 inch disk grinder wheel that I bought and couldn’t use in the grinders I have and with a bit of modification and some washers put in the hand cranked bench grinder and ground the slot in the screwdriver. Came back in and got the screws out and the unit apart. Found my meter and check the heating coil and it was good. Then checked the thermal fuse and it was open. Took it further apart and removed the clips holding the fuse in and it turned out there were two fuses in series. One blown and one good. Took the bad one out and after removing the insulation from a wire crimp used it to attach the wire from the heat control switch to the stub from where I cut the body of the blown fuse loose. Put it all back together and cleaned it up a bit and refilled it with water, plugged it in and turned it on and it made the normal sounds and made coffee! Will just be bit more careful and make sure I cut it off after making a pot though one of the fuses is good enough for every other unit I have ever worked on…

And the day has been better since. Done a bit more of this and that but nothing much other than cooking and sitting at the computer. Did paint the headphone pivots on my Trimm Featherweights were they were rusted. Used a bronze model paint. Look much better. Will get some pix soon. Did a bit more to the microphone yesterday. Added a piece of brass trim to the base. Again will get some more pix asap.

For now am gonna call it a night. Will see what tomorrow brings when it gets here. Other than more rain that is. Till then… 😉


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