Saturday in the rain

Done little of note today. Did take the Nikon Coolpix 2500 camera apart to see if I could find it’s problem with not holding settings memory. After taking it apart and reassembling it it no longer worked at all. šŸ˜¦ So went deeper. And deeper still. Until it was a pile of parts. Located a blown fuse which now has a piece of wire across it. Very small wire. Put it back together and it worked. Still not real sure what I did to blow it in the first place but it works at least as well as it did previously. Am gonna leave the battery in it overnight and see it that will charge the internal battery enough to hold the settings memory. Did after completely disassembling it finally find the internal battery which was holding a 1.92 volt charge. The main battery is a 4.2 volt lithium cell, so not real sure what the keep alive battery is supposed to charge to. After getting it back together, took a few pictures of some of the jewelry I have made. Ended up using another piece of leather to make a top of the model so the jewelry would photograph correctly (picture below). Also managed to find the manual on the camera and figure out how to do a white balance setup so got the pictures to come out a LOT better than they have been doing lately. Am about done in for the day. Will see what the morrow brings when it gets here. Till then… šŸ˜‰



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One Response to “Saturday in the rain”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    ‘Twas a wet day indeed. And from the sounds on the roof, today will be also. Mainly stayed at the house, after a Wally World trip. Hooked up some hardware to convert a cassette tape to mp3/CD. Have to get my machine with the Hauppage card going this week–it has stereo audio inputs, whereas as things are now I can only do mono. Very good sounding mono, but still mono. Made some shrimp stir-fry last night-was good though the shrimp had shells on their tails, which made for a little bit of annoyance, but still good. That’s where the bargain was, so…

    Have a good one today, and stay dry!


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