And one more long day

Spent another day putting more bits and pieces of the forklift back together. Have gotten it to the point that it’s time to actually try it out. Gonna have to get one plumbing fitting, and possibly two hoses/lines to do so. Will know what all tomorrow.

After getting it as far as I can today, went in to the trailer and started on the wiring problem. Drilled the hole in the stud and after a bit of this and that, got the wire from one switch box to the other. Replaced the outlet and the two switches and did the rewiring and then flipped the breaker. No sparks or humming and the lights came on. Checked the 3 way switches and they both worked as they should. Cut the breaker back off and finished putting it all back in the walls. Powered it back on and checked it all one more time and twas all good. Put the tools up and called it a day. Back over here and cooked supper then sat down to the computer for a bit of browsing. Gonna do a bit more and then call it a night. Till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “And one more long day”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Had a pretty good Friday. Got up and did coffee/breakfast/sit on the porch, and then a little later my brother came over and put up the daughter’s new ceiling fan. Had to go to get some bulbs for the lights next, then came home and worked on getting computer parts that the son had taken out of a case into another one. No real problems, except that the hard drive tray was missing and I had to rig something up. Got it going, cooked some stir fry, and that was most of the day.

    Today going to see if I can try out some machines that I haven’t tried yet–they are together, but I need to see if they work. And then I need to see if I can do some things with them. Have also been thinking about how to fix the ethernet to the bedroom–the light comes on, but no one is there. Will have to look at the fittings in the wall, I reckon, which will be fun at one end and REAL fun at the other. Oh, well, such is the price of connectivity.

    Have a good day! Good luck with the towmotor.


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