Saturday done

Finished correctly routing the wiring on the forklift today. In doing so noted a dent in the big hydraulic drive motor under one of the connections. Got to looking at it a bit more carefully and found the back of the heat shrink was torn and the connection was arced and burned. Took it off and taped it up good then put two layers of heat shrink over the tape. Put it back on and tried to figure what caused the damage. The tried closing the back door. Turned out that the connection was oriented wrong and when the door was closed one of the mounting bolts for that sides rear weight (several hundred pounds of cast iron) was pushing the connector into the motor housing and causing the damage/short. Turned it to the left instead of pointing straight down and everything clears nicely. By all of a half an inch. Redid the wire ties on that side a bit to compensate for the turn in the wire and everything lined up much better. Looks like when I get the adapter for the hydraulic line on the small pump and get it installed I’ll be ready to actually try this thing out. Only got a few more things to put back in place and it will be on it’s way home. I hope!

Took several UPS’s apart this afternoon to see if any of the batteries were good. Found 3 that look like they may come back to life with proper charging. Think I have several more somewhere that I need to find and do the same with and see if I can get a couple back together and working to use on machines here.

Got all but one milk crate of romance novels shelved, and need to move the rest of the hardbacks in the hall (at the yardsale trailer) to put them in place. Then comes alphabetizing them. Sorted some stuff at the other end of the hall and added a shelf and moved some of the boxes of records from out of the floor onto it. Need to add either one or two more shelves to get the rest of them up and out of the way. Gonna try to get the entry walk rebuilt and usable next week so we can start having inside yard sales a couple of days a week over there. Also got to move the broken slabs of concrete over to use as a walkway to get folks out of the mud/dirt going up the incline.

Looks like tomorrow will be a trip to Calcis. Not sure when we are leaving or when we will return. Guess we’ll figure it out when we get up. Till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Saturday done”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Sounds like real fun with the towmotor. If you don’t know what you are doing (and speaking of previous repairmen here) it’s real easy to compound the problem as you fix it. One step forward and two back, so to speak. And you don’t even know it (or don’t care–depends on the person) at the time…

    Saturday went pretty well. Spent a good bit of the day organizing financial information so that I can budget better in the future. Will try and get some of the budgeting done today. Got the laptop out on the porch (since the weather was absolutely perfect) and did the work out there, while the daughter painted a trellis and the wife worked in the yard and we all listened to an audio book. Really liked listening to the audio book while working. One of these days I’m going to have to get a sound system going in the pickup…did some other stuff by remoting into another machine while I worked–stuff that would tie up the machine while it processed, so I would just get it going and check back later when it was done. I love remote administration! Just have to figure out how to do it in Linux…just like everything else…

    Oh well, the coffee is just about done. Going to get a cup and get going. Have a good day!


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