Another Forklift day

Went out and got the parts I needed to finish up the hydraulic system on the forklift today. On the way back stopped by my folks house and replace the battery in my dad’s computer. Sucker has been running on the same battery since about 1999. Got that done and rebooted and disk scan done several times and then they had to go so shut it down. Looks like it survived. Still running ME too. Amazing it will still boot but keeps on going.

Came home and did lunch then took the parts over and installed them Got the accelerator peddle assembly installed and was putting the floorboard in when I rounded off the last bolt as I put it in. So took it back off and got the tools and drilled the broken bolt out, then retapped the hole. Located and installed a new bolt and then put the hydraulic fluid in. That all finished plugged the battery in and tried it. No battery indication on the battery charge meter. Hydraulics all work, both mast and steering, but no drive motor operation. As was close to dark and I was done in called it a night. Will see what I can find in the morning. For now am gonna do a bit of reading and then call it a night. Till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Another Forklift day”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    “What does Dave do for a living?” I get asked from time to time.
    “Everything”, is my usual reply.

    If there isn’t a special place for people who work on towmotors (properly) in heaven, there damn sure is a place for those who work on them (improperly) in hell, I reckon…good luck.

    Had a Monday After Spring Break kinda day. Some of the equipment was more reluctant to come back to work than most of the people were. Had a network laser printer that had gone to sleep and just would not wake up. Rebooted it, and it remembered its place in life, and began printing again. Had another printer that was going nuts and printing Martian, and old HP Deskjet 612C. Been at the school since they opened the new building. At least I knew what was wrong with this one, when a 612C runs out of ink (either one, but particularly color) it doesn’t give you any clues, it just goes nuts. Once you change the cartridge, shut the printer off and unplug it for a couple minutes, and (usually) reboot the compute to get rid of those print jobs that just won’t leave, then it’s fine again. It’s unbelievable how some of those things are still soldiering on after 10+ years. Built like tanks…and about as fast when printing…

    Had another teacher’s machine that did the BSOD–hard. I am now in the process of rebuilding Windows and the associated apps on it. Was able to retrieve the documents (thank you Puppy Linux!) but Windoze was so corrupted that I couldn’t run a recovery install, so I wiped and started from scratch. Fun, fun…just more tedium. Nothing like having to reassemble a broken USB stick, though…which is a good thing, since I have to do it. Would insert a grin here, but don’t know how…

    Well, going to finish breakfast and get going. Have a good day!


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