Bits and pieces of Tuesday

Got an early call this morning about the trailer the forklift was on. Fellow needed it to go to Georgia to pick up another one he had purchased yesterday. So I went and got the tractor and went over, hooked up and after clearing everything out of the way, lifted the front up and gravity unloaded the forklift. He hooked up and headed out. I came back over and ate breakfast, then went back over and spent some time deciding to take a break until I can get a schematic for the wiring on the thing. After that went inside the yard sale trailer and spent some quality time moving stuff around and getting baskets set up on some of the shelving and loading records into them. Also moved some hardback books from the back hall and finished shelving the romance books. Next comes the organizing them bit. Ate lunch and went back over, got the tractor, came back over to the compound and got a stack of 6 2″x8″x14′ boards and drug them over to the forklift. Laid them out in front of it and backed the tractor up on them, then with a couple of chains hooked the draw bar to the front of the forklift and drug it up onto the wood. Took the tractor to the barn and put it up then walked to the front of the compound and took the metal shed frame apart and loaded it into the back of the Ranger and moved it across to the forklift. Put it back together and put a old tarp over it to keep most of the coming rain off the forklift. Took a break from that and moved more stuff around inside and added another basket or 3 and moved more records into them. Then did what I had decided not to do and spent some time trying to figure out what the wiring was doing on the forklift. Gave it up as a bad job and went back in and started checking and sorting records. Got a LOT of that to do. About a quarter of the ones I checked were either missing or wrong record in the sleeve. Got to be about dark so came back over here and fixed and ate supper. Then sat down at the computer and did a bit of browsing to catch up on the world and write this drivel. Am gonna go and read a bit then call it an evening. Till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Bits and pieces of Tuesday”

  1. Steve Says:

    Sounds like a day, and a plan. I don’t think you want to completely rewire the towmotor just to know where everything is…

    Had a pretty good Twosday. Did some tech support for some software training in the morning, and spent most of the afternoon mainly getting a machine done to go back in a teacher’s room. Got it deployed at the end of the day–still have to put some stuff on it, but a computer missing some of the less-often used software beats the stuffing out of no computer at all. Went home, had supper, and didn’t do a lot otherwise, other than call and give information about a bill that I have paid that hasn’t shown up as paid yet. I have the records, and it cleared the bank a month and a half ago, so I’m not worried–if they have problems with their accounting, it doesn’t mean I’m going to pay twice.

    Well, just finishing up lunch (had more tech support for training this morning and didn’t have time to post before I left home) and going to set up a student computer and then go to the eye doc. Have a good one!


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