Mostly online Monday

Been adding and updating stuff to the booth at Bonanzle all day and most of the evening. Other than one trip to the post office to mail a package out have been here in front of the time suck all day. Did get a large pot of mixed dried bean, veggie, and ham bone soup and a pone of cornbread made for eating on the next few days. After supper tonight added 2 more cups of water and a cup of dried rice to the mix and put it back on the woodburner for another couple of hours of cooking. Thickened up nicely. Added some additional spices afterwards so will be a bit more flavorful tomorrow. For now am gonna get back at it and see if I can get the last 7 necklaces that I have pictures of posted tonight. Not sure I’ll make it as am about done in. Will see how far it goes. So till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Mostly online Monday”

  1. Steve Says:

    Finally had a chance to look and comment. Overslept just a little bit this morning, and then had bills and such…Today is a good day for staying in too, eh?

    Had a pretty good Monday, and a pretty good Tuesday so far. Trying some video editing–mainly want to separate/stitch together some stuff, and make a DVD from it. Any suggestions on software? I’ll try Linux too.

    Eating lunch now, a little late. Will try to get back later.


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