Tuesday Bits

Got little done today that I had wanted to because of the rain. Will try for the forklift again tomorrow. Took a couple of things to the post office then went by my folks house to see if I could find/fix the problem with my fathers computer. After running scan disk and then a couple of more disk and registry repair programs got it much faster and less pron to crashing but I think the hard drive is dying or has at least lost a large part of the directory as several of the programs he uses will work (kinda) but have major video problems. Others work fine. Tried to get Linux Mint to run but it didn’t find the cd drive. Will see about getting another one and carrying it over there and putting it in and am gonna carry puppy linux with an older kernel over and try it. From there will see if I can find another machine to build for him. Suspect that some of the bits and pieces I have around can be put together to get one going. Will have to look and see what I can do tomorrow.

Installed Linux Mint XFCE on Cats machine a few minutes ago so she can run tomorrow without having to worry about the Confictor (sp?) worm tomorrow. Got it going on my mothers machine running from the cd, installed the video driver for her computer and restarted X and left it running after showing her the basic stuff on firefox and such and told her to leave it going tonight and tomorrow till we see what the big nasty is gonna do.

From there did a quick Wally World trip and then back here. Heated supper, got the fire going again and as stated previously installed Mint on Cats machine. Am gonna do a bit of browsing and then call it a night. Till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Tuesday Bits”

  1. Steve Goodwin Says:

    Had a pretty good Tuesday. Went by the high school and got a Firewire cable to import some video from a camcorder with. Went by and paid the mortgage on the way to the work building, and checked on the taxes, and they were done. Getting back some state (which I expected) and a goodly sum of federal (which I did NOT expect). Sounds good to me. Went to the work building and imported the video into MovieMaker (I know, I know–my options are limited right now….) using my laptop from home, since it has a Firewire port. Moved it to my desktop machine, and kinda hit a wall–had a program called Wax that I was trying to edit it with, but turns out it is more of an effects program than a non-linear video editor, which is what I really need. What I REALLY need it to get a larger hard drive and install it into the eMac we have at work and then use it for editing with Final Cut Express. Or really, I need to get a Linux NLE running. Might actually do that today–found one that will run from a CD-based distro. Might use it, or might actually dual-boot my machine at work. Thinking about it…we’ll see. It is just becoming more and more necessary to be able to edit video, and none of the tools I have now are worth kaka. Suggestions, anyone?

    Did this and that for the rest of the day, some troubleshooting here and there. Stopped on the way home and looked at the machine of someone who works with me–typical Windows problem, if it were an animal, it would be laying in the road being eaten with maggots. I mean, no offense to them, but Windoze machines online just attract stuff that eats them alive. I killed a goodly amount of it, but I bet you I will be getting the machine and doing some more cleaning. The son wants to set up a machine that we can put hard drives from other machines in and scan as slave drives–they do that at his work, and he says it works MUCH better and faster than doing it as the boot drive. Makes sense to me. Will have to come up with a power supply and HD to put in his old machine (which blows all of mine out of the water) and install Windoze on it, I guess, since the antivirus options in Linux are somewhat limited. I mean, is there anything besides Clam?

    Oh, well, gotta go fix the wife’s lunch and cook breakfast. Have a good day!


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