One of those days

And that about says it all. Or about all I feel like saying about it right now. Hoping tomorrow will be a better one. Till then… 😉


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3 Responses to “One of those days”

  1. Steve Says:

    Sorry about the RAM. It was OK, or seemed to be, the last time I ran that machine. Fecal matter occurs, I guess…I left the other RAM in the truck. Hopefully one of those 512 MB sticks will be OK.

    Left one of my machines (the one that actually as some hard drive space left–got to get a server going…) downloading Linux Mint 6 this morning. Going to give it a try. They had an April Fools spoof going that you should check out–pretty funny.

    I am working on synching music with a slide show. Lots of fun, especially since it is Microsloth MovieMaker. Yecch! Oh, well, if I can just adjust the timing….but I fear I will have to go to another computer to do it. Wait, I just had and idea…

    I’ll be back sometime…


  2. depatty Says:

    One seems to be good. The second one I tried. 🙂 First one let the machine come up and then about 10 seconds into the os load locked up and on a soft reboot (front panel power down for 10 seconds) would do nothing. Just got a black monitor screen. Pulled it out and put the other one in and so far (insert knocking sound of hammer applied rapidly to head here) so good. Letting it run for a bit and then am gonna put another hard drive in and install it (again).

    Saw the XP compatible Mint 2 for only $299. They got my mother with it! Talked to her after you dropped the machine off and she was telling me about this bit on the Mint home page that she wanted to try, so I opened it up and just reading it smelled dead water critters, then clicked on the link and had her do the same as well as pointing out that she should believe NOTHING she read anywhere on line on April 1. She was NOT amused (though I was). 🙂



  3. Steve Says:

    LOL! I was wondering for a minute since it said Mint 2, and I thought they were up to 6 or so, and then the light dawned. It reminds me of the senior English teacher at the high school. He almost always does something for April Fools, and one year (before they actually started doing so) sent out an e-mail (supposedly from the principal) telling all the teachers they had to purchase parking permits. Several went to the office to purchase them, where the lady at the front desk (knowing who had done it) told them to go to see the English teacher for them. One of them did, and he sold her a permit! He gave the money back later….I saw him yesterday, and told him I was disappointed that I hadn’t heard of anything he had done. He leaned into the doorway of the room I was in and said: “Sometimes the worst thing you can do to them is to do nothing at all!” I would have to agree….


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